Querying, Querying, and More Querying

Unfortunately nothing new to report here. I've sent 5 queries (about a week or so ago) and have gotten back 4 rejections, which I hoenstly expected. So, what I've really been focusing my time on lately has been re-vamping my query letter and synopsis, because I know it can always improve. I feel that though writing prose for my story comes easily, it is SO extremely difficult to write a good query. I have mixed feelings about the query process. I know it works for most and it's completely necessary for agents to sift through the good authors, but it's frustrating because I don't feel a query letter properly portrays the author's writing ability. Query writing is a completely different style than writing a story--one I find completely difficult. Argh.

But I've gotten helpful books from the library and I've been working on getting it just right before I send it off to more. I strongly believe in my story, I love it, and I KNOW there are others out there that will love it too. I just have to find a way to portray that in 2 paragraphs. I got the comment from my best friend, also an aspiring author, who mentioned that though my letter hits on the points and is professional, it doesn't give the reader nearly the same emtotional connection as my story does--meaning, the writing sounds completely different than my book. I tend to agree.

So, how do I change it to fit? This is something I might struggle with for a while before I actually feel satisfied with the outcome enough to send in more letters--if I feel satisfied at all. I tend to be extra critical, so it's hard to say.

With the help of many family and friends who have read my book/are reading it, I have made quite a few edits, so thanks everyone for catching all my little typos and mishaps! Book writing is definitey a process and it scares me a little to think of what would happen to my life if I did get published. It's a harsh business world, like any other business, and am I really ready for that side?

My answer, I've decided, is yes. If it doesn't interfere with my family (they are first and foremost), it will be worth it. Writing is such a JOY in my life and the rest is a joy if it means I can get the things I am passionate about out there for other people to enjoy also.

On the same note, writing is such a joy that even if I don't get published, I will continue because I feel like it is such a part of me. I have at least 3 other story ideas in mind and I'm so anxious to start them all! I love it and even if it forever stays between myself and close family, it'd be worth it.

It is a little disheartening though to think about all the hard work I've put into it, just to keep it for myself. That's where the option of self-publishing comes in. It's not something I even know how I feel about yet, because there are so many cons to it, and even if it is something I will think about, it's not the time.

Anyway, thanks again everyone for your help and feedback!


The Lindsays said…
I love this book so far. LOVE IT. I can't imagine why someone wouldn't want to publish it. It is so amazing and well-written, and it's heard to not feel emotionally involved in it. I can't put it down. I love you and am so proud of you! I know you will get a book published one day, whether it's this one, or the ones you have yet to write. Your hard work WILL pay off.

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