Mini Synopsis

So, this is the first and roughest draft of my mini synopsis for November Rain. Again, I'll emphasize roughest because usually the first words coming to mind need plenty of work. I'm putting it out here for opinions, so please comment and let me know what you think--if it's enticing enough or needs work.

Imagine going to the book store, pulling a book off the shelf, and reading the inside flap with a brief blurb describing the book and trying to pull readers in. Thinking of it that way, how does this measure up? Thanks again for everyone's feedback! Oh, and if you're curious as to the feel of this novel, in my imagination I'd like to think it would appeal to those who enjoy Nicholas Sparks and like novels--boldly stated. :/

"Raegan Fairbanks refused to move on with her life after the passing of her husband—even a year later when pulled to the mysterious Lucas Cross by the most unexpected mediator. Raegan and Lucas can’t deny the special connection drawing them together, but only upon learning they share the same dark tragedy does their bond cosmically fuse.

Lucas, the single soul with the empathetic ability to heal Raegan’s grief, walks her through the torturous healing process. However, in pulling her through denial and cynicism, their divine friendship sequentially offers himself the proper dose of renewal and, irritatingly, leaves him wanting.

Upon learning their deceased spouses shared the same dark secret, Raegan and Lucas realize they’re more connected than they thought. Being hit with new tragedies and reeling self-discoveries, Lucas soon learns it’s himself that’s headed on a path of self-destruction. Raegan, now a hurdle in his downward spiral, proves the only means of his survival. Can she live up to the ideal of his own personal savior, or will her desire to free herself urge him into devastation?"


2busy said…
Hmmm, I'd like to read it. Sounds intriguing.
nickndest said…
It's awesome that you're writing a book. You said be honest...I don't like it. Some of the sentences I reread trying to understand and it didn't hook me. My friend that's a writer loves these blogs.

good luck.
Kadie said…
I think it makes people interested, but you repeat the same suspenseful word structure twice ("same dark tragedy/secret") which takes away from the drama of it. And there's a TON of introductory clauses and inserts. I'm not a pro at any of this, so I can't really give any suggestions on how to make it better. It's better than what I would have written. :) I guess maybe not make it so "this will happen and then this is what will happen and then this will happen". Does that make sense? I don't know! But back to what I said before: I would want to read it for sure.
Christa Johnson said…
O.K. I am TOTALLY drawn to this novel... I think it is going to be awesome!!!!!! I felt it was a really good synopsis...maybe dont' give so much away... leave people hanging more!
But now I am hooked!!!!
Love that you are writing, and your writing is amazing... sounds so sophisticated!!

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