Movin' On Up

Okay, so THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED ME TWEAK THE SYNOPSIS (especially Steve...HUGE help)! I think it's where I want it, and so this week I am planning on getting to the nitty-gritty process of searching for appropriate agents and submitting my query letter. Writing the synopsis was the hard part, so I'm not too concerned about the rest, since I'll just plug that into each letter I write--with personal touches to each agent, of course. So wish me luck!

Oh, and here's the final draft:

Raegan Fairbanks refuses to move on with her life after the death of her husband—even a year later when a most unexpected mediator unites her with the mysterious Lucas Cross. Raegan and Lucas can’t deny their distinctive connection, but only upon learning they share the same dark tragedy does their bond cosmically fuse.

Lucas, the unrivaled soul with an empathetic ability to heal Raegan’s grief, guides her through the torturous healing process. In pulling her through denial and cynicism, their divine friendship in turn offers him renewal but, irritatingly, leaves him wanting.

However, through revelation of an ominous secret, Raegan and Lucas realize their tie extends beyond innocent parallels. Buffeted with new tragedies and reeling self-discoveries, Lucas finds himself descending on a path of self-destruction where Raegan, a new hurdle in his downward spiral, may ironically prove to be the only means of his survival. Can she live up to his ideal of “personal savior,” or will her desire to free herself drive him to devastation?


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