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It's Happening

I promise I'll do better at the updates and posts. Especially now that my contract with Swoon Romance is on its way to being finalized! Squeeeeeeeeee!

Okay, I'm done. (Not really. I'll never be done squee-ing)

My agent wasn't lying when she said contract negotiations take a long time. But I am so grateful for an awesome agent who is willing to make sure everything is top-notch for me, and for the most awesome romance publisher out there. Seriously, guys. Check out their website (linked above). They don't put out anything but the best. And the covers? I've never seen any so gorgeous! I already love being a part of the Swoon team. It's like one big, amazing family. Awesome circle of authors, fabulous Publisher, and fantastic Editor. I cannot wait to get things under way!

This week (hopefully) I will be handing over HEMLOCK VEILS and officially starting on the editorial process. Before I know it, the cover release will be here (*gasp*)!

In about two weeks'…