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Swag Contest Winners!

The HEMLOCK VEILS book review went beautifully yesterday, and I can't thank everyone enough for all the support in buying the book, getting the word out there, or simply just cheering me on. The response has been fantastic so far, and it's still surreal to me that my dreams are being realized.

Okay, winners of the swag for yesterday's contests! I made a list of everyone who posted pictures of their book/receipt, everyone who tweeted/posted the amazon link, and everyone who even just retweeted or shared the promo posts I was putting up. For details and "rules" of the contest, visit my last post here. I put those lists of names into a random sequence generator on for the drawing, and BOOM--it gave me winners. (But let's face it; you're all winners!)

First swag prize was a signed Hemlock Veils/Jean's mug. The winners of that signed mug, and a postcard, are (from both Facebook and Twitter):

Rena Olsen 
Michael Lee
Tamra Brice
Kele Lampe

Facebook an…

Happy Birthday to HEMLOCK VEILS! (giveaways!)

The hour has finally arrived! I can now say that my modern-day Beauty and the Beast retelling, HEMLOCK VEILS, is officially AVAILABLE! You can get it on Amazon, in either paperback or ebook--just click here! There were times I thought this day would never come, and now, when people tell me they've ordered it, I can hardly believe it. It is incredibly surreal, and will become even more surreal when I actually get to hold the paperback in my hand! *Waits impatiently outside the post office doors*

I can't say thank you enough to those of you who've shown your amazing support! It's been overwhelming in the best way. I have the greatest family/friends/fans/followers ever.

Onto the good stuff! YA Bound Book Tours has put together an awesome blog tour and blitz that will take place starting this morning (November 25) and last through December 5. It's too late to sign up, but that doesn't mean you can't still blog some reviews and stuff of your own! *nudge nudge*


It's getting close! HEMLOCK VEILS is almost available for the masses to read in paperback and ebook form (November 25)! *ALL THE SQUEES*

If you are interested in the ebook form and for some reason didn't already know this because you're mean and don't follow me on social media, it is actually available for pre-order on Amazon! Check it out HERE!

Also, I decided to get on top of things and create my Author Central page on Amazon, which I didn't even know I could do until last night. Check that out HERE! Maybe I'll actually get used to this author thing someday and learn all there is to learn. Maybe.

In other HEMLOCK VEILS news, those book reviewers/bloggers who agreed to review my book have been sent all the ARCs, which is SO very exciting. And nerve-wracking. I might never eat again. But mostly, it's just exciting! I've actually already received one review so far on Goodreads--my FIRST EVER review! My gut sank when I saw it, because it was a reviewer I …