Swag Contest Winners!

The HEMLOCK VEILS book review went beautifully yesterday, and I can't thank everyone enough for all the support in buying the book, getting the word out there, or simply just cheering me on. The response has been fantastic so far, and it's still surreal to me that my dreams are being realized.

Okay, winners of the swag for yesterday's contests! I made a list of everyone who posted pictures of their book/receipt, everyone who tweeted/posted the amazon link, and everyone who even just retweeted or shared the promo posts I was putting up. For details and "rules" of the contest, visit my last post here. I put those lists of names into a random sequence generator on Random.org for the drawing, and BOOM--it gave me winners. (But let's face it; you're all winners!)

First swag prize was a signed Hemlock Veils/Jean's mug. The winners of that signed mug, and a postcard, are (from both Facebook and Twitter):

Rena Olsen 
Michael Lee
Tamra Brice
Kele Lampe

Facebook and Twitter winners of a signed paperback book and postcard are:

Katie Bailey
Merriday Forrester (KarenBridget)
Brooke Monk
Sonya Craig

I then selected a few more names, from both Twitter and Facebook, to receive a signed postcard alone. This is the postcard with the HEMLOCK VEILS cover and info on the front, and the beautiful painting of Jean's on the back. Those winners are:

Donna Goddu 
Niko Staten
Jenny Five
Bekki Decker
Deborah Smith

Finally, every single name of every person who entered the contest yesterday by helping me out was entered into a drawing for the grand prize--which is a signed mug, a postcard, AND a signed book!

*uses best announcer voice* And the grand prize goes to... Ken Curtis!

Congrats, everyone, and thanks again for your help during my release day yesterday! You all rock--and not just those of you who won! I will be contacting the winners privately, if I haven't already, for their addresses, and will be getting these shipped after this holiday weekend!


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