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The Latest and Not So Greatest

It's been a while, but there's been nothing to report in the world of my writing "career." I wish it was a career. Right now, unfortunately, I'm coming to terms with the harsh reality that it might always just be a hobby. I've really backed off the submitting and agenting process quite a bit the past few months, owed in part to my pregnancy and all that comes along with it. I haven't had much desire or drive to push it further, thanks to utter physical and mental exhaustion.

But even as I have stepped back, I have given more attention to perfecting not just my most recent manuscript, but my last one as well. I like to think the step back has been good, has given me a more crucial eye as I focus on the material itself and not the stress of getting agented. I've read and studied a bit more on the craft of writing (still learning and always will be), which helped me go back with new things to look for and new objectives when revising.

Over the last few mon…