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Half Down, Other Half To Go

Well, it happened. The first huge step in realizing my dream has come true. I am now represented by Beth Campbell of BookEnds, LLC.*screams, dances in imaginary confetti to the tune of "We Are the Champions"*

And before I get to how it happened, here's an interesting side-note: BookEnds was the first agency that ever caught my eye years ago, when I first decided I wanted to make a career out of writing. Back when I decided to look into the business of getting an agent, back when I had no idea how it all worked, I came across the BookEnds blog. No joke, between this and the Nelson Literary Agency blog, I learned every single thing there is to know about the publishing and agenting world. Everything. I owe my passion for it to this blog. Unfortunately, they stopped doing posts because of time constraints, but they keep the blog public for anyone to reference. Because of this immediate love for them, and in researching their agents and agency, they were my dream agency.

I q…

Old Bio!

My old bio, in the summer of 2013, before I got picked up by an agent:

I'm a stay-at-home mom with three beautiful, blond boys (see my other blog, Fond of Blond, which is actually pretty out-dated), and in my need to make something of myself and become more than just my children's mother, I decided, six years ago, to turn my love of writing and words into a daytime hobby.

Eventually, that hobby became a need to create. It became a passion, a part of me. It became much more than a hobby.

I love any well-written TV show, movie, or book, whether it makes me laugh, cry, moved, or pissed off. I love anything that inspires true human emotion, and some of my favorites in the way of television are Dexter, Breaking Bad, the Walking Dead, Homeland, and the Newsroom, just to name a few (and I can't not mention the more campy, fun-loving obsessions, like True Blood and Once Upon a Time). In movies, I have far too many to name, but I love anything from comic-book action to slower paced…