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My rather glamorous WIP process

I know it's not Monday Blogs, but I like to go against the grain. Plus, I was nominated by Sonya Craig in the WIP Blog Tour. Sonya is basically the life to our twitter party. And probably to any party she attends. Or any room she walks into, actually. One of my only extroverted writer friends, Sonya writes kick-ass sci-fi and makes me laugh on a daily basis, and then some. On top of all that though, and even on top of the fact that she is a kick-ass artist, she is one of the most amazing and strong women I know. One of my dearest friends and soul sisters, who comes in a cute, petite package of crazy, and who uses her cat, Fat Cat, as a weapon. Check out her blog, and if you're on twitter, follow her. You'll never have a dull day again.

Okay, the rules for this blog tour are simple. 1. Link back to the person who nominated you. (I'm already acing this.) 2. Share a little about your WIP. 3. Share the first sentence from the first three chapters. (I'm a rule-breaker and rebel generous person, so I will probably share a bit more than the first line.) 4. Nominate four one writers to do the same. (This is my blog, so I can change the rules.)

Anyone who knows me knows that my WIP is currently in editorial/publication phase. HEMLOCK VEILS will be available on ebook and paperback on November 25, courtesy Swoon Romance! This process has been so very exciting, and watching my baby (my novel) go through these publication stages has been a dream come true. When I first began writing Henry and Elizabeth's story, which is a modern-day retelling of Beauty and the Beast, I had no intention of going public with it. This one was special to me, and I wrote it with no industry standards in mind. This was mine, and I wrote my heart. I didn't think anyone else would find it lovable.

Then I finished it and decided I wanted a couple of people to read it. Long story short, I found out that others loved it, too. And after many months of grueling rejections and alterations, here we are!

HEMLOCK VEILS is the first in a paranormal romance series (the next book, VEIL OF THE ROSE, will be released from Swoon Romance next April). It begins the story of Elizabeth Ashton, who ends up in the small Oregon town of Hemlock Veils. She is immediately introduced to the magic of that place, and the monster that the town is cursed with. It roams the forest every night, and because she is the only one who isn't afraid, she discovers his secrets. But the beast isn't the only one who has secrets. Elizabeth has her own demons she is running from. Fears are faced, real demons are fought, and the true power of love--even sacrifice--is realized.

Chapter 1

Every trace of Willem’s blood had been scrubbed away days before, but Elizabeth Ashton’s hands would never be clean. It caked the space beneath her otherwise spotless fingernails, embedded there for life.

Chapter 2

Elizabeth couldn’t swallow. Did she stand in one of the places her father used to speak of—a place where magic existed?

Chapter 3

Regina Washington—with a narrowed, cautious stare—poured Brian Dane another cup of steaming coffee, then returned her hand to her ample hip.

Up next, I'm nominating one of my favorite authors, Matt King. Matt is another writer and friend in our twitter clan--and when it comes down to it, one of my kindred spirits. He's the best kind of nerd there is and will talk Marvel Cinematic Universe with you for hours if you let him, which is just one of the reasons he is super awesome. All that, and even his gut-busting sense of humor, aside, he is honestly one of the best writers out there. It blows my mind that he isn't published yet, but when it does happen, his name will one everyone knows. In the meantime, I'd like to get it out there that I'm the first fangirl of his CIRCLE WAR series (which is about--you guessed it--superheroes). I just hope he remembers us little people when he's famous. I'm currently reading GODSEND, the first book in the series, and I can't put it down (metaphorically speaking). Check out his blog, where you can see little glimpses of that amazing talent, or follow him on twitter and he might add you to his People Who Do Not Suck list. But don't ask him to get large insects out of your car. DON'T!


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