Deadly Seven

Okay, so not deadly, unless you're talking Death By Boredom. I was tagged by a twitter friend, Paige Randall, to do a blog post called "7 Lovely Things About You." Technically, I do still have a little over an hour of Monday remaining, according to PST, so this will also count as that Monday Blogs post I felt like I should write. Because, of course, this is vital stuff.

That being said, these things aren't "lovely." They're But I will try to make them as beautiful-sounding as I can. Sometimes I can write good well.

*Update: I did not make them as beautiful-sounding as I could.

  1. I hate being scared. You might wonder why I would list something so obvious, because--duh--who likes being scared? Well, apparently most people do. Because they spend tons of money every year on scary movies, and haunted houses at Halloween. When I say I hate being scared, I really mean it. I mean Get that shit away from me. Being frightened is NOT my idea of a good time.
  2. When I was fifteen, and at the peek of my awkwardness--and when I had just moved to a new school and was trying to make friends (not easy for an introvert and once-upon-a-time shy teen)--I dyed my hair after one-too-many trips to the pool that summer, and it turned my hair blue. BLUE. My mom took me to a salon and they were dumbfounded. There was nothing even professionals could do to get it back to normal. It was too damaged from too many dye jobs and too much chlorine. If this had happened now, I probably would have just left it and went with it; after all, that hair color is kind of in right now. But back then, 16 years ago? No way. I was MORTIFIED, and wouldn't go to school. So what did I do? I went back to that salon and had them chop of the damaged blue/green hair, leaving just the natural-colored, healthy roots. So, when I was fifteen and trying to make new friends at a new school, I had my hair cut like a boy. And I knew NOTHING about style back then. Nothing. I didn't know how to wear it, and let me tell you: my face shape and short hair like that do NOT mix. *shivers* Anyway, it totally wrecked my social standing that I had slowly been building. Unfortunately, that's how high school was/is. I even heard a year later how one of the boys was going to ask me out...until I cut my hair. He never talked to me after that.
  3. Oh, and to make matters in number two worse, I didn't get boobs until I was sixteen. Up until then, I was the flat-chested, lanky, elf-eared, boy-girl. Not much else to say about that.
  4. Sometimes I daydream of wandering into a charming mill, with brick interior walls, and surprising the lonely janitor while he works single-handedly in the bathroom.
  5. I love inside jokes.
  6. I also love analyzing my real dreams. I have a dream analyzing website marked on my browser because of how frequently I use it. Tornadoes? Going back to high school? Unable to find a bathroom stall? Trapped in a maze of a locker room? You're not alone.
  7. Back when I used to write poetry and verses as a teen and in my young twenties, I could write only dark things. The dark things are all that inspired me. But I'm pretty sure if I started writing poetry again, now, it would be the complete opposite. If you ask me, the light is winning.
There you have it, folks. And no, I'm not going to tag anyone. I don't like to inflict pain on others. But feel free to tag yourself!


Kimberly Sentek said…
This is a great blog. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself!

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