The End...I think.

I finsihed my final edit last night...I'm pretty sure, I mean. I'm also pretty sure I'll be going back and making more changes because that's how I am. I can't seem to find satisfaction in the finished project. But for now, it's as good as it's gonna get. So for now, November Rain is done! (Still not even 100% on the title, but it fits.)

I'm also unsure about the first few chapters or so. Not too sure how it's going to be taken, if the way my characters meet is silly, or unfitting for the rest of the book. I've been going back and forth so much. I re-read it and I absolutely love the book, but the first bit I still question. I love the idea, but as always, my problem is--will everyone else?

Well, I'm realistic enough to know not everyone will. But hopefully, some people will. The people that have my taste. But as I've been working extremely hard lately on not worrying about what anyone else might think, I know it shouldn't matter because I'm writing what I love. In an agent's blog I follow (I follow quite a few to stay current), the advice she gave to writers for 2010 is to follow their guts and stick with it--trust it. So, that's what I'm trying to do.

I need some readers, people who can give me the editing advice I need--nothing formal, just opinions. I have people in mind and have even already asked a couple, but I haven't decided how far I want to take that route yet. A few people I want to ask haven't even finsihed my first book (that I know of), so I feel like I'd be bombarding them if I asked. However, I'm tempted to say to those people, "Put it down and forget it." I'm not extremely proud of it and don't think it'll ever go anywhere anyway. If someone's going to read one, I'd MUCH rather it be this one.

This project is just so near and dear to my heart, in a much more real way than my first. Season of Change was dear to me because it was my first--it was my canvas of learning. But November Rain took me to a place I didn't think I'd go and in falling in love with the characters and the story, it's become a part of me. Which is also one reason I'm extra anxious for opinions. I'm anxious because I want so badly for people to love it as much as I do (granted, I know that probably wont happen), and am a little leary on hearing negative criticism. But I definitely want it--all the feedback I can get. And while it isn't action-packed or fast-moving by any means, it's heart-felt and I hope others feel it as I did when writing it. Maybe I live in a bubble and I'm way outta my league and thinking it's more than what it is. And if so, oh well. I wrote what I love.

So, next is writing the synopsis, mini symopsis, agent research, market research, and query letter writing. Fun stuff. Not really. But it's worth it. However, I think I might take a breather for a bit before I get to that stuff. Maybe wait for some opinions of people who've read it. I also think I need to give my mind a break for the time being. Anyway, when I have written the mini synopsis (the few paragraphs I'd be putting in my one page query letter), I think I'll post it so I can get some feedback. I want it to be as perfect as it can be.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for the support! I have the most amazing family and friends and your support means THE WORLD to me!


Jen, I never finished your first novel, but I would love to at least get into this one. I don't know how you feel about your mom reading it, but I love getting into your heart and knowing you a little better. I haven't really gotten a chance to know the "woman" that you are as much as I got to know you as a child. And I would like that opportunity. Your have always been a deeply spiritual person, and I love you so very much...I'm so proud of you for following your dreams! Mama
Christa Johnson said…
I want to read it!!! Pick me! Pick me!!!

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