Bidding My Publisher Farewell

I suppose this announcement is past-due. I've been waiting for it to be official, on the off-chance I would step on toes or something, but I can officially announce--now that I have signed the agreement--my contract with Swoon Romance (GMMG--Georgia McBride Media Group) has ended and we have gone our separate ways.

This means that HEMLOCK VEILS is no longer on the market (though I see it is still being sold on Amazon--I guess I should check on that), because it's no longer published. I currently have no published works...and I suppose that makes me not a published author anymore.

I have so many mixed feelings about it. I am over the devastation, mostly, since this was decided months ago and it's had time to sink in and marinade. What I can say is that it's definitely the best choice, for both GMMG and me. I want to make it clear that we did not part on ill terms. I still love that team, and they still praise my writing. It was just a matter of different styles, and both publisher and author knowing we weren't a good fit. That it would do better elsewhere.

What will happen now? Well, because GMMG is a stand-up publisher, and they genuinely do care about the success of their authors, they have reverted all rights to HEMLOCK VEILS back to me. They still want to see me, and my story, succeed. However, paranormal romance for adults isn't doing so hot on the market right now. So no matter how great of a story it is, or how "beautiful" the writing, if the market doesn't have a place for it, it won't sell.

So while my agent and I look for a publisher who can get HEMLOCK VEILS to the right audience (which may be a while, as we have to wait for that paranormal trend to rise again), I am sinking my teeth into other writing projects, trying to find the next novel we can pitch--something not in the paranormal genre.

I want to emphasize that this is not the end of HEMLOCK VEILS. I know a lot of you were looking forward to Book 2, which was supposed to be out last year. Trust me, I understand that disappointment. But I will find a great home for this series again someday, and then I will be right back to working on Book 3. When it does find a new home, there will be a whole new book launch, with a new publisher, new cover design, etc. What could be better than two releases for one book anyway?

This past year (and then some) has been quite an upset, and major life changes have turned my life upside-down. This has just been another player in that. But I am trying to see the positive in all of it. And even with all those mixed feelings, it's not hard in this situation. Henry and Elizabeth will be back someday, but for now, I get to focus on writing other things.

I want to thank the whole team at Swoon for believing in me, my writing, and my story. I will miss working with all of them, especially my favorite editor. Thank you to my agent, for being so understanding and helpful in all this as well, and being eager to find a new home for my work--whether it be HEMLOCK VEILS or the project I am working on now.

Lastly, thank YOU a million. All of you were my biggest fans and/or my biggest supporters. From my book launch up until now, you have been eager to spread the word and your love for HEMLOCK VEILS. I am sad to say goodbye to it for a time. But I know good things lie ahead. So...stay tuned.


CW Hawes said…
Sorry to see the relationship with your publisher didn't work out. What you can be thankful for is that they gave control of your rights back to you. Not all publishers do that.

Personally, if the book is good why not self-publish? There is a market. Just not enough perhaps for a publisher's bottom line. It is worth thinking about.

And if the book was published, you are a published author. But more importantly, you are a writer. :)

Good luck!

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