A Handshake

I know, it's been a while! In fact, it's almost been two weeks since HEMLOCK VEILS went live on Amazon (get the ebook or paperback now)! I couldn't have asked for the book release to go any better, and its success so far has astounded me. It still shocks me when I get a picture of someone with the paperback. PEOPLE OUT THERE HAVE MY BOOK IN THEIR HANDS! Mine--the girl who doesn't really know how she got here. It's crazy and surreal and the best thing ever. It's been such a light in my recently darkened life lately, and I want to thank all those, again, who have contributed to its success.

Most of the light has come from the awesome reviews. I have taken them all in, and I can honestly say that so far, I have loved every single review I've seen, even those with negative criticism. I appreciate them all like you wouldn't believe. Again, the way people love it ASTOUNDS me. I dreamed of this day for so long, and deep inside of me, though I couldn't ever admit it to anyone, I knew this day would arrive. I knew the world would know Elizabeth Ashton and Henry Clayton.

All I can do at this point is hope the success continues to grow, and that those who read it and love it pass the word and recommend it to others, as well as review it. Authors need reviews!

Currently, while trying to juggle the stresses of a sudden move to the Denver area (I have missed Denver so much!), as well as other life things, I've finally been able to get back to writing Book 3 in the Hemlock Veils series. And let me tell you: it has felt so super fantastic to write again. It's been too long, and I'm just grateful I still have the ability to, though I am a little rusty. With VEIL OF THE ROSE (Book 2) releasing in April, and the chance for a Book 3 option coming up, I have been trying to get busy at work with the final installment of the story.

Thanks again to all who have supported me in this amazing endeavor. All of you. It wouldn't be possible without you. From my family to all those involved in the publishing process, to the random passerby who is taken by the premise and adds it to their Kindle.

And now I leave you with a little, tiny excerpt. Keep checking out my blog though, because every so often I will be posting more. And usually longer ones than this.

“Then do we have a deal?” 
She eyed him warily, studied the way his eyes smoldered. They held a depth, one that was ever so familiar. “Yes,” she hardly managed, dying a little inside. She pulled her brow together in response to the way such a restriction shackled her. “I won’t go out at night by myself.” 
He reached his large hand toward her, and hesitantly, she took it. His shake was firm and his palm warm. Her hand appeared lost within his. “If there’s one thing I know about you,” he said, “it’s that you’ll stay true to your word, Ms. Ashton. I trust you’ll take this handshake as a binding contract.” 
She nodded, and still he held her hand. For the briefest instant, her chest heated in the exhilarating way she’d rarely felt, but he pulled his hand away quickly and stood, making her forget about it.


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