Write Your Heart

This is what it all comes down to, and what it's taken me five years to realize:

"When you want to write well you have to be fearless. Otherwise, you just give your characters your own hang-ups instead of letting them be themselves."

My friend, Katherine Lampe, is a genius, folks. On top of being an excellent indie author (check out her ebooks here), she has been a great friend to me (one who I would like to meet face-to-face someday), and even an invaluable mentor (though it wasn't intended).

Being fearless. For me, that has included writing outside the norm, forgoing some writing rules, and last but not least, writing what I want to write and not what others think I should write. Worrying about what friends or family will think of a certain scene or story direction (especially, in my case, morally), and feeling the stress of having to please the masses: it was once my greatest hindrance as a writer. I can honestly say that as I've learned to overcome this, and not worry so much about what others think, I've felt a new freedom and my writing has greatly improved!

That was just my writing thought for the day. Carry on. 


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