I know it's been a while since I've updated anything on here and it's because I still don't have any updates. With everything going on lately, especially the baby coming, I think I've come to the unsteady conclusion that I will take a break from pursuing a writing career for the time being.

After realizing just how much work and effort it is once you get published (and I'm holding to the positive notion that I will eventually if I keep submitting), it just seems in my family's best interest that I should wait so that I actually have time for them. I don't know how, while still having kids and nursing, that I will be able to hit up all the events I'd have to be present for if I was published, etc., and still be the mom/wife I need to be. If and when I get published, I want to be able to actually devote time and attention to it.

So though I will not stop writing and writing some more (because let's face it--I can't stop), until I know I am past the child birthing and nursing stages in my life, I probably won't take it any further than that.

I say probably because my mind could change anytime...

My most recent manuscript isn't anywhere near the place I want it to be at anyway. I still feel so uncertain about so many things in it, and a really helpful review from my best friend put some of those points into focus for me. So that's my next step: working carefully through the story and determining where certain things went wrong. And since I'm in no hurry, maybe I'll get it together.

One comment I got was that some scenes made my reader uncomfortable (and I really appreciated her honesty). So I have to determine if I really went too far or if this reader is just overly sensitive (which might be the case). It's hard to tell, but I guess I have to just trust my gut and write what I want to write. Another thing I realize is that sometimes the reader being uncomfortable (with an intense or jarring scene) is a good sign. So I need to figure that out. It'd help if I had more outside readers to criticize.

As far as Prayers to Russell (formerly November Rain), I am still 100% confident in that one and love it with all my heart. I don't feel anything needs to be changed, like I do with my most recent (though my mind is always open to criticism--even with one like this). In a perfect world this is the one I would get published first, but as I mentioned in my last post, I just don't think I'd have any success unless I was already established. Which is why when I am ready, my most recent (still unnamed) is the best one to push. That's why I want it so perfected.

I also have a million other storylines (okay, so maybe more like 8) running through my brain that I'd love to write out into novels some day, so I know on my little submitting "hiatus" I will have plenty to keep me busy in my "me time."


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i like that pic u have!
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