As Finished As Finished Can Be

Just finished my revision! Yay! (This picture seemed fitting somehow, seeing how it's titled November Rain). I feel like celebrating somehow. Maybe I'll eat some ice-cream tonight. Wait. I always do that. Maybe I'll wait to do some celebrating once I get everything else done too, like my synopsis and letter (still dreading it). And even more celebrating when an agent actually takes my stuff into consideration (I'm crossing my fingers). And then even more when it sells to an editor (it may be a dream, but it's possible!). And then the ultimate celebration can come when it's actually published. For now, this is just a tiny step in the beginning, leading to every other step that takes me to the top.

That paragraph was incredibly pointless, I know. Anyway, I am so extremely satisfied with the finished project. Overwhelmingly so. I sure hope I'm not just in a dreamlike stage, thinking it's better than it really is, because I can honestly say I am very proud of myself for how it turned out. And anyone that really knows me knows I don't ever say that...about anything. I have fallen in love with this book so much and though it would momentarily break me if it never became available for the public to love as well, I would move on holding it special in my heart and knowing it was EXACTLY the way I wanted it to be, 100% to my satisfaction.

Now, off to make dinner, get ready for young womens tonight (planning a New Beginnings skit--yay!), and then tonight...back to the synopsis!


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