THE EXCEPTION is an unpublished paranormal women's fiction with romantic elements (or we can just call it what it is: paranormal romance).

Only one memory consumes Elanor Noble when she accepts the deed to her father’s estate: the night he almost killed her there twenty years before. It’s a place she never wants to revisit, but it’s also the only place that holds proof of Samuel Tercy’s existence—the man who took her bullet, claimed he would do anything for her, and then vanished from her life at age eleven.

The man who was once her immortal guardian.

But when Elanor returns to her childhood home, she doesn't just get the proof she's looking for; she finds the man himself, unaged. Through their reunion, she learns of Sam’s two-hundred year old connection to her family, and that finding each other again is anything but chance. Her life is in danger again, this time by a threat much darker and far more powerful than her father: the same threat that once plagued her ancestors.

As Sam’s duty to protect her becomes more binding than ever before, his fate is made clear. Eliminating their enemies won’t just be the direst task he has ever taken on, but may also be his final.

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