NOVEMBER RAIN is my second women's fiction with romantic elements, also unpublished. Some day, I'd love to see it in real print.

Raegan Fairbanks, not yet thirty, is in denial after the death of her husband, and devastating grief turns her life upside-down. But the anguish that has ravaged her begins to subside when she is united with an intuitive dog and her widowed master, Lucas Cross, a year later. As her kindred spirit, Lucas’s compassion and empathy help her through the healing process, and their connection strengthens into a palpable bond.

But when Lucas stumbles upon the diary of his late wife, he discovers a portentous secret that taints the very foundation of his and Raegan’s connection. Upon learning the hidden past of their spouses, Lucas returns to a time of mourning and finds himself on a slick slope of self-destruction, with nothing to grasp but Raegan’s hand.

In order to save Lucas, Raegan must conquer her past once and for all, or drive them both to devastation.

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